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Rock Singer. Alt Model. Pastel Goth. Grunge Kid. Vampyr. Apple User. Bitch.

The night before BOTDF I was partying at Le Bain on the roof top of The Standard Hotel.  Haha In a way such polar opposites, but in a way not so much….There were completely NAKED people in that jacuzzi.. haha It was horrifying.

Again from earlier this month while I was recording in NYC… This is from the night of the BOTDF show. Fun times with these peeps. :P   On my instagram there should be a video of everyone fighting over our 2am Sushi delivery. HAHA

While recording earlier this month, living in style at The Plaza Hotel in NYC.

Earlier this month recording new tracks in NYC with the help of brilliant Finnish producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (he’s responsible for albums by HIM, Apocolyptica and the 69 Eyes), and my amazing vocal coach Sarah Dash (of Labelle).

more from the Jeremy Saffer shoot.

Anonymous :  You're really pretty! I've noticed that yore really skinny. Are you naturally skinny or do you have a diet/ work out? I'd love to have a nice body like you.

I’m naturally skinny.. But I still work out and try to eat healthy.

More from my photoshoot with Jeremy Saffer

More photos from my shoot with Jeremy Saffer

Soft grunge nails

From my photoshoot last month with Jeremy Saffer

Some behind the scenes pictures from my photoshoot this week with Jeremy Saffer.  Expect to see the awesome pictures in about a month! :)

Behind the scenes photos by Jasmine Brown

new promo photos

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