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Rock Singer. Alt Model. Pastel Goth. Grunge Kid. Vampyr. Apple User. Bitch.
Anonymous :  You're really pretty! I've noticed that yore really skinny. Are you naturally skinny or do you have a diet/ work out? I'd love to have a nice body like you.

I’m naturally skinny.. But I still work out and try to eat healthy.

More from my photoshoot with Jeremy Saffer

More photos from my shoot with Jeremy Saffer

Soft grunge nails

From my photoshoot last month with Jeremy Saffer

Some behind the scenes pictures from my photoshoot this week with Jeremy Saffer.  Expect to see the awesome pictures in about a month! :)

Behind the scenes photos by Jasmine Brown

new promo photos

Join me on YouNow tomorrow at 5pm PT! http://www.younow.com/SamanthaScarlette
Anonymous :  Just thought i'd bring something to your attention. ihatesamanthascarlette is currently a tumblr. I reported them for harassment, but i thought you might want to deal with it yourself. Could be a member of that shitty band or one of their brainwashed "lovers". I don't want to start anything, but I just thought you should know.

I just checked it out… I doubt it’s a member of the band, they all spell a lot better than whoever made that blog, plus I don’t really feel like theres bad blood between us at the moment… My guess is that a 12 year old with a crush on Ryan probably made it… It’s kind of flattering I guess, especially since posts on it are pretty ridiculous.  When there are death threats or someone starts burning me in effigy, then I’ll worry. :P

Anonymous :  There's a hate tumblr of you called 'ihatesamanthascarlette'

Thanks for letting me know I’ll check it out!

Another music promo shoot

New music promo photo shoot!

I bleached out the purple last night.. Then today I dyed the one side black…  New hair..